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The book cover shows images from CDs featured in the book, along with the cover of the State Records vinyl 45 release Shindig! magazine named as the 3rd Best Single of 2017. This new 374 page memoir of Travis Edward Pike's early career as a singer-songwriter features more than 170 photos and artifacts, and an Afterword by music and pop culture author Harvey Kubernik, who calls it "One of the most unique musical journey's I've ever read."

In 1963, Pike wrote the title song for 1964's Demo Derby, a 28-minute movie that played on thousands of screens across the U.S.A. with the Beatles Hard Day's Night. He subsequently wrote ten songs, performing eight of them in the 1966 Boston-based feature film Feelin' Good, and in 1973, the music to his song "End of Summer" underscored The Second Gun, a Golden Globe nominee for Best Documentary of 1973 investigating the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

The book is a time capsule, sealed in 1974 and full of exciting stories and songs composed at the height of the American social and musical revolution of that time – mostly music, lyrics and rhymes never before recorded or released, you'll realize that the book could never have been written, if the events described in it, hadn't come first.

These pages are posted for our current readers and anyone who may be interested in reading
1964-1974: A Decade of Odd Tales and Wonders
and would like to personally experience our movie clips and songs from way back when . . .

     This Demo Derby scrapbook displays the BOXOFFICE report of Demo Derby's 61 bookings in theaters and drive-ins in the first 10 days of release, and the entire Boston Globe review that called it "one of the most galvanic impressions of modern life and teenage recreation I have ever seen on the scree," and if you don't own a copy of the Demo Derby 50th Anniversary Edition on DVD, it'll tell you where to get one.  Click the Demo Derby image left to view the theatrical trailer.

     The movie is gone, but experts at Deluxe restored enough for six music sequences, three with the Montclairs and three with Travis and the Brattle Street East. As for owning a piece of tis history, State Records released a soundtrack limited edition vinyl single of the songs Travis Pike and the Brattle Street East performed on the Charles River Esplanade. There's a link to State Record's discog, ans a few 45's left for collectors who act fast!  Click the Downtown Boston Feelin' Good World Premiere Photo to view the B/W 1966 newsreel footage.

     Travis' youngest brother, Adam, owns and operates the producer's recording studio (left), where he and Travis recorded the songs with lyrics featured in 1964-1974: A Decade of Odd Tales and Wonders, most of which were composed and performed live between 1964-1974, but never before recorded or released. The album pages also offer links to all the CD albums and songs posted on Youtube, and should you wish to purchase albums or singles, you'll find links to retail outlets are also provided.

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